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Trac Email Integration

XP-Dev.com supports converting emails to Trac tickets, including updating it with comments as you reply to the email notifications generated from your project.

This feature is available on all projects but disabled by default. To enable it, head to your project's Trac tab on our platform and ensure that the option Incoming E-Mail Processing Enabled is turned on and then click Save to save your settings:

Trac email

The next step is to ensure that the email address that you've specified in your Trac project (under the Preferences link of your Trac project) for your user is the same as the email address that you're sending emails from. This is needed to match your email with an existing user to ensure you have the necessary permissions to create a ticket or comment on it via email.

Once that is done, you should be able to create a new ticket by sending an email to <project-abbreviated-name>@trac.xp-dev.com. Your project's abbreviated name can be changed from your project's Settings tab on our platform.

If you have configured your Trac project to send out email notifications, then all you have to do is reply to that email to comment on that ticket. This is a very easy way to get email discussions stored in your Trac ticket without ever leaving your email client.

Do raise a ticket if you have any problems with this.

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.