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Getting Started at XP-Dev.com

This user guide only applies if your account and project is on our new platform, i.e. if your project's URL begins with https://<your-account>.xp-dev.com rather than https://xp-dev.com.


Use your account URL (in the form of https://<your-account>.xp-dev.com) to log into your account rather than the main XP-Dev.com site.

Page Types

There are two types of pages:

  • Your own user pages: These will always have your username at the top of the page
  • Your project pages: These will have your project name at the top of the page

Account Settings

You can adjust your account via your account settings page. This is accessible via a shortcut on the top-right of each page on your account.


The first place to look for assistance or help is our documentation site. If you can't find what you're looking for, or just need to contact us for any reason, then just head to our support page.

Project Types

We support 3 types of projects

  • XPDev: this will use our own internal project tracker that includes an agile project management toolkit, wiki pages, forums and blogs. It is worth having a look at our concept of Stories, Tasks and Bugs
  • Trac: will create a Trac Project for you to use as your project/issue tracking toolkit. Do have a look at our documentation on Trac.
  • Barebones: a skeleton "project" that only has repositories and no issue/bug/project tracking.

Users & Projects

You can create projects from your project list page, which can be accessed easily from the shortcut on the top right of any page on your account. Each project can have multiple repositories.

You can create users from your managed users list page. You can access this page easily from the account link on the top right of any page on your account, followed by the Users tab.

Articles worth reading

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.