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Child (Sub) Accounts

Child ("Sub") accounts are a special type of user account which are created, owned and managed by a regular XP-Dev.com user account.

Creating Sub Accounts

Once you've logged in with your regular XP-Dev.com account (which will own these new accounts):

  • Head to your account's Users tab
  • Enter a username and email for your new sub account
  • Enable the setting Allow user to create projects on your behalf ? if you would like to allow this new account to create projects as you. These projects will be part of your quota
  • Click on Create User

Create Sub Account

Once the account is created, an e-mail with a random password will be sent to the new user. This should be almost instantaneous.

Managing Sub Accounts

You can reset the password of all sub accounts that you've created by clicking on the Reset Password link on your Users tab. This will force XP-Dev.com to create a new random password for that account and send it to the user via e-mail.

Manage Sub Account

To allow or disallow a sub account to create projects as you, then click on the Edit link next to the sub account:

Edit Sub Account

Toggle the setting and click on Save User:

Edit Sub Account

Deleting Sub Accounts

You can delete a sub account that you've created by clicking on the Delete link on your Users tab.

Please note that deleting a sub account will delete all projects and repositories owned by that sub account!

Delete Sub Account

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.