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Importing Git Repositories

As Git is a distributed version control system, you can use any regular Git client to import new repositories or even migrate them over to XP-Dev.com

Small print: You'll need to substitute the command below with the SSH URL of your Git repository.

Importing New Git Repositories into XP-Dev.com

  • Enable a Git Source Control
  • Initialise a Git repository the directory that you'd like to put under version control:
    $ cd /path/to/project
    $ git init
  • Add and commit all the folders and files into your local Git repository
  • Add your XP-Dev.com Git repository as the "origin" remote and push out the changes under the "master" branch:
    $ git remote add origin ssh://git.xp-dev.com/repo
    $ git push origin master

Migrating Git Repositories to XP-Dev.com

Steps below will publish your existing Git repository to XP-Dev.com, including tags & branches:

  • Enable a Git Source Control
  • In your existing Git repository, add the XP-Dev.com Git repository as a remote repository:
    $ git remote add --mirror=push xpdev ssh://git.xp-dev.com/repo
    $ git push xpdev

Finally …

At this point, you should be able to clone your repository as you would normally do:

$ git clone ssh://git.xp-dev.com/repo

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.