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Search Filters

Search filters for bugs and stories can only be created by users who have write permissions on the project, i.e. the project owner and writers

Shared search filters can be viewed by everyone who has access to the project, i.e. the project owner, writers and readers

Private search filters can only be viewed by the user who created that filter

Creating Search Filters

  • Navigate to the Project Tracking tab for your project
  • Click on Create a New Search Filter Link. This option can be found on the drop-down menu for Project Tracking as well

Create search filter

  • Modify your search criteria using the options on the form.
  • Click on Search to see what bugs and stories are displayed by the filter.
  • At this point, the search criteria has not been saved. Ensure that you give the filter a name and click on Save. Sharing a filter will make it viewable to other users on your project.

Search filter

The search results on the form above are just an indication of what will be returned by the filter. Whenever a new bug or story matches a filter, it will be displayed in the filter page.

Viewing Filters

  • Navigate to the Project Tracking tab for your project
  • Shared filters will be displayed on this page. To view all filters (shared and private to you) use the View all filters link on right

View search filter

Editing Filters

  • Navigate the the filter page via the All Filters link (described above)
  • Click on the Edit Filter link
  • Edit the filter as you feel fit, do remember to click on Update to save your changes.

Edit search filter

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.