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Importing Subversion Repositories

If you have an existing repository (either hosted by a different provider you by yourself), you can import it into XP-Dev.com by using a Subversion dump. A dump file is a special file that includes all revision history of your repository.

Generating a Subversion Dump File

To generate a Subversion dump file, you will need to have the Subversion admin command line client downloaded and installed on your computer: svnadmin:

svnadmin dump /path/to/subversion/repository > repository-dump-file.dump

If your current repository is hosted by a 3rd party or is not available on your PC, you can use the new utility called svnrdump to generate a dump file:

svnrdump dump https://url.to/your/repository > repository-dump-file.dump

You can gzip the dump file as well to reduce it's size:

gzip repository-dump-file.dump

Importing a Subversion Dump File

On your project's Repository tab, create a new Subversion repository. Ensure that Create Initial Directories is NOT SELECTED, and then click on Save:

Create Repository

Head to the Import & Export sub-tab and then click on Upload a Subversion dump file:

Upload dump file

Pick your repository dump file that you created/downloaded earlier, and click on Upload:

Upload dump file

Once the upload is complete, you can view it's import progress, and once the import is complete it should display something like the screenshot below:

Import Complete

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.