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Repositories can only be altered by project owners or administrators. Please ensure that you're the owner before performing these steps

Beginners Guide to XP-Dev.com

You should read our short tutorials to get acquainted with XP-Dev.com.

XP-Dev.com supports hosting Subversion, Git and Mercurial repositories.

Creating Repositories

  • Select the Repository tab of your project
  • Click on Create a New Repository

Create Repository

  • Give your repository a name
  • Select a repository type
  • Click on Save

Note for Subversion repositories: if you're importing your repository using a Subversion dump file, then ensure you do not select Create Initial Directories

Create Repository

If you're using SSH to access your repository, it is worth noting that our SSH fingerprint is ca:3f:90:8c:b0:93:c0:bd:00:ad:76:37:fb:8c:65:f4

Deleting Repositories

Deleting your repository means deleting the files from disk - they can't be recovered

  • On your project's Repository tab, click on Delete Repository
  • Confirm the deletion

Delete Repository

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Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.