Mercurial Hosting Mercurial Hosting at provides enterprise grade Mercurial Hosting in multiple locations worldwide on servers with SSD based storage, along with chock-full of features, unparalleled reliability & high grade security.

Use our platform to manage your project & collaborate with your team, and even to deploy your code (automatically) to your servers.

More than 200,000 users from 120+ countries use for their code hosting needs.

Easy to Use

Our intuitive user interface makes it really simple to start hosting your Mercurial repositories with us

Repository Features

Security & Reliability

We've been hosting repositories since 2008, and after hosting more than 200,000 repositories, you can rest assured that your code is hosted on a secure & reliable infrastructure.

Project Management

Mercurial Hosting at comes with batteries included. Use our platform to collaborate with your team.

You have a choice of either using Trac or our own Agile Project Management Tool.

  • Create issues, stories & tasks
  • Keep track of progress as you're completing your milestone
  • Get updates as others create, comment and close project artifacts and tickets

Cost Effective

We do not impose silly limits on number of projects or users you can have on your account. You only pay for the storage space you use.

Our plans are cheap! They start at $5/month only, and all annual payments get a 20% discount.

You don't even need a credit card to get started.

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More than just Mercurial

All plans include hosting for Subversion and Git repositories too!

We even have a Developer API if you'd like to use our platform from your own product.